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VROOOOOM: Houston’s Art Car Museum Offers a Slice of True Creativity

Have you ever just looked at something in wonder and marveled at how in the world it could exist in the fabric of reality? 

Well, perhaps that’s being a bit too dramatic. And the good news is that this is far from a bad thing--it takes all sorts of bizarre oddities to make our world as special and interesting as it is. And the stranger the subject, the better! When it comes to Houston’s Art Car Museum, the strange and unusual are fully celebrated with an artistic eye, allowing for guests to take in the sights of something truly creative and, at times, oddly beautiful in its strangeness.

The Houston Art Car Museum showcases a huge collection of contemporary art. Affectionately called the “Garage Mahal”, this museum boasts some of the most colorful, intricately decorated vehicles in the whole world, complete with themed designs and patterns you won’t want to miss! This huge indoor gallery is the perfect outing for families as well as those of you Houstonians with a craving for eye-popping sights! And the best part? It’s FREE! The Museum is currently open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 11 am to 6 pm, presenting you with the perfect day out whenever you’re looking for a fun and engaging weekend activity.

Houston might not be as out there as places like Austin and San Antonio, but it can sure pack a punch when it comes to surprising its residents. I guess that’s why I’m just really proud to call it home after all this time. And why not? It’s completely affordable, welcoming, and provides quality high-amenity living in all its best apartments, including City West, Diamond Hill, Quail Creek, Champions Green, Barcelona, and Providence at Memorial to name a few. Houston might provide a quieter city life than what city-enthusiasts may be used to, but it’s anything BUT boring. It’s simply the perfect place to live for those looking for refreshing fun and home-friendly comfort.

The Houston Art Car Museum has a lot going for it and I definitely recommend it if you want to see an interesting piece of Houston’s art and culture. If you’re looking for more information about the Museum or just preparing in advance for a visit, I recommend that you check out their main website HERE. Add a bit of color to your world! The Houston Art Car Museum has all that, and more!

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