Cardinal Pointe Ranch Historic Housing

Cardinal Pointe Ranch Historic Housing

Tranquil ranch lodging for a relaxed family vacation. This lodging is only a 20 minute walk from most of San Antonio’s attractions. Get the best of both worlds. Access to the beautiful community pool (May through November) at the ranch makes it a great place for the whole family to cool off and relax on hot days. Can accommodate up to 20 guests if needed for a small additional fee per night.


The ranch, including the pool, is a shared space and you will likely see other people as you walk around the ranch. Please remember that children 3 years and older must be included in the total price. If more space is needed, there is an additional cabin on site that can be rented in tandem to accommodate more guests.

What is available to the guest

This ranch sits on 20 acres with 3 homes that are part of the main property. The pool is open to guests but is not supervised, so children under 16 cannot use the space without an adult present. There is a bonfire and BBQ area nearby and many trails including Government Canyon (7 miles) that offer great hiking opportunities.

Important Information

When hiking, please remember to leave open any gates you have already found open and leave closed any gates you have found closed. This helps keep the cows (who live on the ranch) in the right places.